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How to find success as a sustainability professional in a rapidly changing world


What’s holding you back from winning the team over?

Why is it such a challenge to accomplish your project’s goals?

You worked hard to own the technical elements of sustainability, environmental assessment methods and tools, but have you ever been given the right leadership tools to feel confident and effectively persuasive in front of your clients and project team?


As a trainer and coach in leadership and sustainability, Virginia Cinquemani has successfully mentored sustainability professionals to find answers to these questions. Drawing from her 15 years of experience in the field, she shares tested approaches to increasing your influence and persuasion abilities. Any professional who wants to take on projects equipped with the techniques needed to win the team over, feel confident, turn negative situations into positive ones, and gain the support required to accomplish their projects’ goals will benefit from the wisdom shared in these pages.

In SustainABLE, Virginia shares the techniques necessary to gear up for success with the right mindset shift and fundamental skills of a successful sustainability professional.

A little clue: it is not about acquiring yet another technical qualification!

This book shares how to sell sustainability with integrity so that it is a win-win for everyone involved.



"A fantastically helpful book for despondent or burnt-out sustainability professionals. It's as if the author knows exactly what you're thinking and feeling. From there she offers the best advice to get you out of your funk and help you find your mojo again."

Nicola, Amazon Review


"Regardless of where you are in your Sustainability career, whether you are starting your first job or are an experienced professional, SustainABLE will make you feel understood. Virginia is reflecting a clear understanding of the struggles sustainability professionals go through - and offering the tools to reshape their own success. With this book, she accelerates the positive impact of sustainability efforts around the world - and right now, that is exactly what we need."
Stephanie Zumbrink, Smart Cities and Innovation Professional


"In SustainABLE simple, yet effective, personal development strategies help you get rid of anchors that may be holding you back. Plenty of easy-to-use concepts, techniques and approaches give you ways to clarify where you want to get to, highlight the challenges on the way, and how to overcome them. Real-world examples and insight from experts add to the mix, and action steps, exercises, and checklists let you then apply what you've just learned at each stage.
Virginia’s character and Italian heritage jump out from the pages to add extra flavour to the journey."

Sune Nightingale, Renewable Heating and Energy Advisor



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