You worked hard to own the technical elements of sustainability, environmental assessment methods and tools, but have you ever been given the right leadership tools to stand up tall in front of your clients and design team?

At Green Gorilla, our vision is to empower sustainability professionals by providing them with the best toolkit to stand confidently on their own feet, to take on projects equipped with all the techniques needed to win the team over, to turn negative situations into positive ones, and to gain all the support required to accomplish their projects’ goals.

I founded Green Gorilla Consultants Ltd because I, like you, am an advocate of sustainability.

In fact, sustainability has been my main focus for over 15 years, throughout my working life at the leading sustainability body in Britain, BRE. I know the subject well because I was one of the technical writers of many non-domestic BREEAM schemes and I co-wrote the publication ‘Integrating BREEAM throughout the Design Process’, published in 2010 to make the BREEAM process more streamlined and obtain higher certification ratings. The book has been adopted as a reference guide by thousands of sustainability professionals in their projects, and was the bestseller of the publisher in its first year of publication.

Throughout my career at BRE I’ve also trained hundreds of people on BREEAM and Site Sustainability Manager courses. I had therefore the good fortune of meeting and getting to know many sustainability professionals and heard their frustrations first-hand, like having to negotiate their way to a successful project’s outcome, starting from a difficult place where sustainability is not a priority in their stakeholders’ agenda; or being appointed too late in a project, and having to play catch up, when most opportunities to integrate sustainability criteria are lost.

Talking with professionals about their frustrations prompted me to want to address these issues, using my training, insight in the industry and sustainability knowledge and skills.

Whether you are working with LEED®, BREEAM® or other methodologies, we can help you overcome your daily struggles with modern, practical, individualised and fun training.

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Virginia Cinquemani,
Green Gorilla Consultants Ltd, Founder and Director




  • VIRGINIA CINQUEMANI | Green Gorilla's Founder and Director

    Virginia, a qualified architect, project manager and BREEAM AP, has worked for over 15 years in sustainability, and she is the author of SustainABLE: How to Find Success as a Sustainability Professional in a Rapidly Changing World.
  • ANTHONY MCGEE | Leadership and Management Coach

    Anthony is a business psychologist and cognitive behavioural coach. He has been at the forefront of professional development in a variety of organisations, national and international. Anthony's passions lie at getting to the heart of the many and complex challenges created by the world of work. From whatever the specific need, Anthony can deliver a positive measurable result.
  • ANNA MARKOVITS | Leadership and Management Coach

    Anna has a background in people management and development, including more than 10 years’ experience in various learning and development management and consulting roles. She is particularly interested in leadership and management capability, facilitation, organisational culture and organisation development.
  • SUSAN HEATON-WRIGHT | Vocal and Communication Coach

    A former professional opera singer, Susan uses her personal experience as well as specific knowledge of the voice, body language and presence acquired to help people communicate better. She is passionate about supporting individuals and teams to reach their potential, to make an impact and to be valued when they speak.
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